How to save items to Shoptagr

Saving products for later using Shoptagr is super easy and makes organizing your future purchases so convenient both for you (and your wallet) 😊

Here are 2 easy ways you can save and bookmark products using our smart shopping assistant. 

1. Save from your computer

Get started by  connecting the button your browser. When you see a product you like, simply click it to save it your list. That easy!

2. Save items using the URL box

If you haven't installed the Shoptagr button or the app yet, you can easily save items to your list using the URL box. 

Simply login to Shoptagr and click on the "+" sign that's on the top right of your screen. 
A window will pop up where you'll have to enter the URL (link) of the item you want to save. Simply copy paste it in there, and you're all set!

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